Monday, April 09, 2007
TIENS Group Obtained Halal Certificate from LP.POM-MUI, Indonesia
2007-4-5 From: Global Quality Management Center

On March 8, 2007, TIENS Group formally obtained the Halal Certificate from LP. POM-MUI, Indonesia. This exciting news cheered all the staff of the corporation and further boosted their morale. During the on-site verification of Halal Certificate , experts from Indonesia gave very positive comments on the dedication and professionalism of TIENS employees, meanwhile highly praised the hardware equipment and quality management of the manufacturing units, R&D room and test center. This accreditation is no less than a vigorous presentation of TIENS Group to the whole world.

The LP.POM-MUI (Institute for Foods, Drugs and Cosmetics) is a special institute established under the agreement passed by the Indonesian Allah Committee on Jan. 6, 1989. The institute is responsible on assisting and supporting the committee to formulate and decide on the food, drug and cosmetics related policies, laws and regulations, advices and guidelines so as to ensure that the foods, drug and cosmetics provided for Muslim consumers are Halal. All these demonstrate that it is the authorized institute managing local Halal foods, drugs and cosmetics and the Halal Certificate is recognized in most of the Muslim countries in the world.

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world with a population of 0.22 billion, 87% of them are Muslim; it is a country with the most Muslim population in the world. Being successfully accredited with the Halal Certificate will provide a strong support on the opening of the markets in Indonesia as well as the Asia-Pacific Region. As the Halal Certificate awarded by LP.POM-MUI is widely recognized by most Muslim countries in the world, obtaining this certificate will raise the recognition and trust of Islamic consumers on the product of the corporation. Halal foods is of important significance on the culture of Muslim people, with its own food culture featuring in exclusive choice on high quality, hygienic and nutritious food which is healthcare oriented. It is a piece of treasure in the world gourmet culture. To pass this kind of authoritative Islamic food accreditation will make the corporate product the most reliable among consumers in various regions worldwide.

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